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Piano Tuning

To schedule a tuning, please see my info on the contact page



If your piano has been tuned relatively recently, then all it requires is a simple adjustment. This should takes approximately one and a half hours to two hours. 


If it has been a while since your piano's last tuning, or if something has caused it to go seriously out of tune,  then it will require a pitch raise. A pitch raise is essentially a double tuning. This is necessary because the piano "resists" the sudden change in tension and drags the pitch back down. Therefore, the piano is tuned again to get it back to pitch. 


I. Why does my piano go out of tune?

The pitch of a string is determined by the amount of tension on said string. Think of how when you pluck a rubber band, the pitch is determined by how much tension you put on it. Anything that can affect tension affects the integrity of a piano's tuning. The two biggest factors are temperature and humidity, which cause parts of the piano to expand and contract. Moving a piano will also significantly affect its tuning.

II. How often should I have my piano tuned?

Short answer: When it goes out of tune!

Long answer: Due to all of the factors involved, it's hard to nail down a precise interval. Six months between tunings is the commonly-accepted standard. However, if your piano is in a constantly fluctuating climate, or endures heavy use, it may require tuning more often. Conversely, if your piano is in a particularly well-regulated environment and endures relatively light use, it may hold its tuning for up to a year. However, it should be noted that the average piano, left untuned for much more than a year, is significantly more likely to go so out-of-tune as to require a pitch raise. Ultimately, how often you should tune your piano depends on your tolerance for its "out-of-tuneness".

III. Why bother?

It's your goal to create beautiful music. Unfortunately, a piano that is "too far gone" simply doesn't sound good. No matter how well you might play, it won't hide the dissonance. An in-tune piano is just more enjoyable to play, and allows you to focus on creating beautiful music!

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