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         Caleb Mendez is a pianist, cellist, composer, and piano tuner based in Crookston, MN. They have studied piano under the wonderful tutelage of Sister Dominica Gerszewski, Dr. Mei-Chuan Lin, and Dr. Nariaki Sugiura; cello, under that of Doug Carry and Matt Wellert; and composition under that of Callie Stadem. 

        Graduating high school in the spring of 2023, they currently attend the University of Minnesota Crookston as a PSEO student. They plan to attend UND as a piano performance major in the fall of 2023.

        Caleb has recieved first place in the Bergmüller Piano Competition hosted by Popplers Music (high school division, 2019), the GGFSO Young Artists Concerto Competition (high school division, 2021), and the Thoresen-Steffes Young Artists Solo Competition hosted my the FMSO (high school division, 2022). They also received second place in the J. Earl Lee Piano Festival Pre-College Competition hosted by Augustana University (2022).

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